High School Fairs

A Snapshot of Grok High School Fairs, Spring 2019

Grok hosted our first high school fairs in 2019 with eight reputable Chinese high schools. The fairs were quite successful and we have since received great enthusiasm from participants about future high school events.

Cities and schools


  • The Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University
  • Hangzhou No. 14 High School
  • Hangzhou High School International Division


  • Canadian International School Kunshan
  • Kang Chiao International School East China


  • Qingdao Galaxy International School
  • Qingdao No. 9 High School
  • Grand International School

Insights on high school recruitment from our survey

  • 100% of the participants expressed that high school would be an important channel for their institution’s recruitment in the next two years, indicating that recruitment from high schools will be increasingly competitive.
  • 60% of respondents still prefer tier 1 cities as their strategic region for high school student recruitment. We recommend exploring more lower-tier cities where the market is less saturated.

Join our future events!

Grok will continue to explore high school resources that will add value to your institution’s recruitment, with enhanced high school engagement activities and logistical support.

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