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Asia Pacific Marketing

With the digital behaviour of youth evolving rapidly across the globe, a marketing campaign that may work in a domestic market is likely to fail in an international market if cultural values and expectations are not aligned appropriately. As you localize your digital marketing, you need to engage your target market(s) with the right message, at the right time, on the right channels.

Grok’s experience in higher education and international marketing, provides you with confidence that we can effectively and efficiently find ways to localize and target your marketing, to ensure your getting the most value from it.

Authentic engagement is critical for your audience – and your results

Although a one-size-fits-all approach may appear to save on time and expense, it’s now impossible to identify a single buyer profile, especially when potential students can be reached anywhere in the world. How they interact with you online is different by demographic, country, channel, content, and timeframe. To support this changing environment, our marketing teams will help you navigate the localizations required, and the rapidly changing digital world to help your marketing stand out against your competition.

Selecting activities that ensure you compete online

More and more institutions are entering the digital marketing environment to recruit international students. This is placing greater pressure on institutions to compete more effectively through improved marketing and to keep your brand ever-present. Similarly, families and students are becoming more sophisticated and more demanding with what they engage with online. We will collaborate with you to select a range of activities that help you engage your audiences online. Whether this is developing your digital presence in Vietnam, launching targeted campaigns in Malaysia, or supporting conversion nurturing in India – our marketing teams in Asia have you covered.

Localised expertise to extend your knowledge and capacity

Grok’s marketing teams are made up of Digital Marketing Officer’s (DMO’s) who are specialist communicators with studies and experience related to digital marketing techniques across Asia. This includes a range of techniques that impact the diverse range of user journies in the region.

Your assigned Digital Marketing Officer (DMO) will become very familiar with your institution and help you determine where your digital strategy should focus in Asia. They will have the capability to pivot their capacity where it is required the most. Whether it’s for campaigns timed to support other in-market activities, such as conversions, fairs or alumni gatherings, or whether it’s to focus on in-country brand awareness and reputation push; you can allocate your DMO’s time to oversee the project, and ensure you have the right coverage where you need it most.

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