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Auto brand VW Audi partners with Zhejiang University on EMBA program

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A press conference announcing a strategic partnership between FAW-VW Audi and the School of Management at Zhejiang University was held on August 30. The partnership will combine the education system and resources of Zhejiang University and the enterprise managerial experience of VW Audi in a multi-national context, aiming to cultivate a new generation of management professionals for private enterprises in China. In the following three years, both sides will cooperate on an EMBA program and discuss further scientific collaboration under the “school – enterprise” cooperation model.
Editor’s note: The MBA program market in China is facing fierce competition, with many top Chinese universities and some international business schools offering these programs in China. The distinctive feature of the Audi EMBA program reported above is its “school – enterprise” cooperation model. The focus on brand-developing experience in China is especially applicable to Chinese private enterprises and thus may be uniquely appealing to EMBA applicants. In the international education field in China, foreign education institutions seek cooperation on joint programs that require hands-on experience and skills, and might consider a similar school – enterprise cooperation model.