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China beats US for Korean students seeing career ticket

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Education experience in China is helping Korean Students gain an employment edge, with South Korea’s strengthening ties with China.The number of South Koreans studying in China more than doubled to 62,855 in 2012 from 2003, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Education. The number of US-bound students grew 50 percent to 73,351 in the same period. “It’s only the beginning in the shift in Koreans’ appetite for education toward China from the US, a flood of Korean students will follow companies going to China for jobs,” said Cho Jin Pyou, Chief Executive Officer of Seoul-based Wise Mentor, which provides education and career path advice.
Source: Bloomberg
Editor’s note:China’s culture, language, lower cost of study, and economy attract many overseas students. The Chinese government is trying to attract more foreign students and plans to host 500,000 international students by 2020, becoming the top Asian destination for overseas study. China’s growing position in the world economy will create a demand for graduates with an international perspective, an understanding of Chinese society, and Mandarin ability. However, China’s education system still needs reform in order for China to be truly competitive in the international education field and attract overseas students by its education quality.