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COVID response

In response to the uncertainty created by the recent coronavirus outbreak and its potential impact on international recruitment activities, Grok has assembled resources for institutions.  

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Options for distance recruitment have suddenly become a high priority since, while in-country, face-to-face engagement continues to remain the most effective foundation for international recruitment, circumstances are now ruling that out in key markets for some institutions. 

As part of our mission to help higher education institutions navigate international markets, we are assembling resources to help ensure institutions can minimize the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and continue to reach students, and that students continue to have the chance to evaluate their options and make their choices wisely.

To the extent that we can, we have made as many resources as possible free of charge to the international education community, including:

Webinar and Recruitment Guide: Recruitment at a Distance 

This webinar covers effective contingency plans in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, (accompanied by a downloadable guide). Distance recruitment tactics have become increasingly important as institutions prioritize the diversification of student recruitment streams. However, these tactics have become particularly urgent given the coronavirus outbreak which is impacting in-country recruitment activities across Asia in the spring of 2020. This webinar and guide will help a recruitment manager to improve their outcomes in recruiting for markets where typical in-country recruitment activities are not an option. Watch now >>>

Webinar Series: A View From Asia

We ran a series of webinars hosted by The PIE to provide a view from Asia and the keys to student recruitment success during and after COVID-19 uncertainty. This included a view from Vietnam, China and India:
Watch A View From Asia on Vietnam >>>
Watch A View From Asia on China >>>
Watch A View From Asia on India >>>

Webinar: The Three Most Importan Trends Driving International Admissions Post Covid-19

This panel discussion with The PIE, looks at the ongoing evolution of international admissions and recruitment, including the role of the relationship between higher ed institutions and overseas high schools which has never been more critical. Watch now >>>

Virtual High School Fairs

A series of virtual high school fairs, pairing university presentations with 1-1 virtual “speed networking” meetings with students (on a cost-sharing basis). Find out more >>>

Webinar: Panel Discussion on Webinars

Watch this panel (featuring representatives from St.Edward’s University, Concourse Global, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and InitialView), discuss webinar best practices and a selection of platforms. This webinar covers some of the often-forgotten best practices and creative/efficient ways to use them in place of, or to supplement your current recruitment efforts. Watch now >>>

Webinar: Live Streaming and Webinars in China

Many institutions have turned to live streaming activities to bring the latest information and provide maximum support to students and parents in China. This webinar guides you through effective live streaming and webinar platforms in China. (In Chinese with English subtitles.) Watch now >>>

Online Training: Using Concourse to Connect with Students

Free training on effective digital recruitment using innovative platforms such as Concourse. This training will help you effectively engage students one-on-one on digital recruitment platforms. Watch now >>>

Grok/CAPS-I China K-12 Recruitment Update: Response to COVID-19

In partnership with CAPS-I (Canadian Association of Public Schools – International) we hosted a webinar on March 11 in support of the K-12 sector titled “Response to COVID-19: Grok/CAPS-I China K-12 Recruitment Update”. Watch now >>>

Newsletter Updates

Every month, Grok curates news about international education from around the world to help education professionals keep up to date with developments that may inform their activities. This has recently included updates on the coronavirus situation across the globe. We continue to post situation updates on our China, Southeast Asia, and Rest of World pages, but to receive monthly updates via email, sign up now >>>

Commercial Services to Help Further

We also offer a range of commercial services that can help your institution with distance recruitment, including:

  • Developing a quick distance marketing and recruitment strategy
  • Promoting and facilitating recruitment webinars for your institution
  • Digital recruitment staff
  • Contingent staffing to help you cover events during times of travel restriction

Here at Grok we are well known for our friendly, consultative, and collaborative approach. If you’d like to request a free consultation about how we might help, please contact us.

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