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The word Grok was coined by Robert Heinlein in his iconic science fiction book Stranger in a Strange Land. To Grok something means to understand it so thoroughly that you become part of it.

Helping your students explore their post-secondary options and ultimately attend the best possible university is an important and rewarding part of your job. However, with more and more universities eager for international students, you may be finding the sheer volume of outreach from universities overwhelming. Your students might also be feeling frustrated or bored by attending a large number of introductory presentations from universities which are a poor fit, and which don’t give them the information they need.

Grok Schools Community is a free solution for you.  We are working with guidance counselors like you to create a program of engagements that supports your work, and that involves a diverse community of great universities.  It helps you guide students in exploring their options and gives them the chance to get to know different universities as they go along. 

As your students begin the decision-making process, they will then have the chance to learn more about, and talk to only the universities that make sense for them.

By replacing “one-off” visits from dozens of unconnected universities with a longer-term relationship with a community of institutions, your job will be easier and less frustrating. Your students will also have access to richer and more engaging content supporting their university selection process

meaningful university engagements through school interactions

What are the benefits?

Join an engaging community at no cost

Put simply, there is absolutely no financial cost to your school. All we ask for is your commitment to working alongside us.

Save time and increase outcomes

You’ll receive relevant curriculum content and university interactions, while no longer having to coordinate across multiple points of contact.

Invest in your professional development

Get chosen to attend university familiarization trips and global conferences such as IACAC, with all expenses covered.

Better use of your students’ time

Your students’ time spent with well-matched universities will result in meaningful engagements instead of generic university overviews.

Put your school on the map

Increase the recognition of your school globally, and better showcase your students to a wide network of universities seeking closer ties with schools.

What people are saying about Grok Schools Community

Phillip Wenturine, College and Academic Counselor
The American School, Saigon, Vietnam.

“As a school we have sometimes struggled to organise all of our university engagements, in the past. It’s often been random and not a real reflection of our students’ needs. Maintaining relationships with multiple universities over time has been hit and miss.

We see Grok Schools Community as a means of rationalizing this process and enabling us to have a more meaningful and structured set of interactions with universities.”

Joe Marshall, Head of Higher Education
Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“At Alice Smith we are fortunate in being able to attract reputable universities to engage with our student community. However, sometimes the timeliness, quality and applicability of the content delivered by these institutions is not what we need, and it can be hard for us to provide actionable feedback to institutions directly.

Being part of the Grok Schools Community network helps us to guarantee students receive the type of interactions they need, responding to the specific requirements of our HE programme and the ever changing needs of our student body.”

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