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Grokker profile – Ryan

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Ryan Du


Senior Program Officer – Conestoga College

Describe yourself in three words.



When did you join Grok?


What was your first job in international education?

I used to work for a national study abroad agency. It was my first job after graduation.


What does international education mean for you?

There is an old saying that goes: man who travels far knows more. I did not understand what it meant until I graduated from the UK and joined Grok. The value of international education and studying abroad is not only about studying hard in academics. It’s also the way to experience different cultures to help yourself to broaden horizons. The more you see, the more you know, and it will change one’s fate.


What is one of the most satisfying outcomes you’ve helped a client to achieve?

I helped one of my clients reach an all-time high in student recruitment numbers under an extremely competitive market environment in China. During the period, the quantity of student applications grew by 167% in two years, with the total number of Chinese students’ growing 60%.


What is your favorite movie?

I like to watch movies, my favorite one is La grande vadrouille. The movie tells the story of friendship and awe of life during the war years in a humorous way. Well, my father brought a VCR from Japan in 90’s. it was only of the translated movie video tape in my childhood. I have watched this movie many times, I could not get this movie out of my head…


What is your dream travel destination? Why?

San Siro Stadium in Milano
意大利 米兰 圣西罗球场

I have been a super fan of A.C Milan football club since I was 7 years old. San Siro Stadium was my dream destination. I was so excited that my dream came true after I finished my pilgrimage to San Siro in 2010.


When it is time to relax, what do you like to do?

I just spend time with my family when I do not need to work and travel


What was your favourite subject at high school? Why?

Politics. The teacher who taught me politics was my most respected teacher. I really enjoyed all of her classes.


What is something you’ve learned from somebody inspirational?

“I have one thing to say to those non-believers: Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.” – Rudy Tomjanovich