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New private school law may affect foreign university applications

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There are concerns a recent ban on some for-profit schools catering for middle-school children could affect the quality and preparedness of Chinese students applying to universities in Western countries. University World News

KIM’S NOTE: China’s compulsory education sector, grades 1 to 9, have always been restricted to foreign investment. And while private involvement in high school education has been permitted, it has always been perceived as a double edged sword: a path toward modernization, the elevation of teaching standards and a popular option for middle and upper class families, but with the potential risk of introducing social inequity, malfeasance and an erosion of Chinese values. With rapid growth of private investment in K12 education in China, it is not surprising that the MOE may wish to step in to better regulate this space and protect families from predatory practice, especially in light of the government’s growing emphasis on preserving the teaching of Chinese values. More recent news articles have reported on new pressures in Chinese universities to preserve Chinese and Party values. Given that Chinese students may have fewer options to study international programming in grades 1
to 9, the pressure will be on international high schools to prepare students for international study during grades 10 to 12.