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Online education continues to grow in India

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Online education (including e-learning and MOOCs) seems to have taken off on an unprecedented scale in India. In the last month alone we heard of UEducation and Delhi University joining the growing list of providers that already includes players like the UK’s Futurelearn and India’s home grown MOOC platform SWAYAM.
In a first of its kind, admission to India’s first of a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in agriculture, offered through the National Virtual Academy of Indian Agriculture, was announced earlier this month.
“Promoting Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and online courses” is one of the 33 themes (please see article on New Education Policy) that the government has invited public consultancy on. The theme reads as follows:
“Conventional education alone cannot meet the needs and aspirations of higher education. What proactive policies and strategies need to be devised and developed to encourage online education and overcome any implementation issues which are currently hindering its optimization? Also how can we strengthen ODL systems so as to ensure their quality and gain greater acceptability?”
The Indian e-learning market, pegged at US$3 billion, may see another new international entrant with the UK’s KLC School of Design introducing a range of its online courses in India in the near future.
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