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The Program Office service is our unique approach to helping institutions to deploy dedicated in-market staff. These staff members are employed by Grok’s local entities in full compliance with local employment and tax regulations. The Program Officers are 100% dedicated to your institution, and you control their activities and strategic direction.

Grok’s Program Office service allows institutions to surround their dedicated in-country team with a unique support infrastructure that’s been tailored specifically to the needs of universities.

A Program Officer is dedicated to working with an institution, with their primary focus to carry out the university’s recruitment activities in their designated market(s). Other responsibilities may include activities spanning recruitment, profile building, and partnership development. They build strong personal connections to the people at their university, and to the institution itself, contributing directly to the evolution of the institution’s international strategy.

One of the unique elements of our model is that universities stay in control of their strategy and tactics, while on our side we make sure they have great people who are well-supported and put in the best position to succeed.

You set the direction… we help you execute!

A Grok executive would be designated to be your Relationship Coordinator (RC). The RC not only provides overall support to your engagement but gives consultation and support as necessary to both your local team and your institution. And while your RC provides guidance and pastoral supervision, you remain in charge of your institution’s activities in the market.

When your Program Office staff join Grok, they become part of a community. They not only have an RC to support and guide them, they have an office filled with colleagues and friends. When they go to an event, they know others there. They strive to live up to the expectations of our community.  And when they have a question, chances are someone nearby has an answer. They are not isolated and working alone; they are part of something larger, and we provide them with an environment that maximizes their productivity, with expert guidance and the support of a range of Grok service centers.

Unlike agencies and pathways, our only motivation is the success of our client institutions. We never take fees from students or local institutions; our only revenue is a retainer or service fee from our clients. Our goal is for you, and your resource(s), to be as successful as possible, and make meaningful use of our company.

Our service is extendable, flexible, and worry free

Description of program office model with and without grok


Grok offers interesting and meaningful work with an international focus, and opportunities for professional development and advancement. “Grokkers” receive competitive salaries, bonuses, full social benefits as well as supplementary health and travel insurance. We pride ourselves on being a fair and caring employer.

jo program officer

“The study experience in the UK opened my mind. Now working in international education, I can meet intelligent people and influence more young people. Apart from Higher Education, I also care about international education from Pre-K, from the perspective of a mum.”

Jo, Program Officer since 2015

“There is an old saying that goes: man who travels far knows more. I did not understand what it meant until I graduated from the UK and joined Grok. The value of international education and studying abroad is not only about studying hard in academics. It’s also the way to experience different cultures to help yourself to broaden horizons. The more you see, the more you know, and it will change one’s fate.”

Ryan, Program Officer since 2014

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