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Snow Fu

Client Engagement Manager

“Foreign universities have more opportunities than ever universities to increase brand awareness, improve access to education, and increase student enrollment.”

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Snow Fu, Client Engagement Manager based in China, leads over fifteen client strategies. Snow has a rich background in study abroad and experience from the American higher education system across international student admissions & recruitment, enrollment, career services, and counselling services. Prior to joining Grok, Snow worked for Washington State University as the Chief China Representative in student recruitment, agent management, partnership development, and digital media development. Snow holds an MS degree in Counseling and Psychology.

Get to know Snow…

When did you join Grok?


Describe yourself in three words.

Empathetic, innovative, ambitious

What were you doing before working at Grok?

International Officer for a public American university to manage international student recruitment, institutional relationships, marketing, and alumni affairs in the China region.

What was your first job in education?

Administrative Assistant on a global campus at an American public university

What does international education mean for you?

Personally, international education is rooted in my way of living: think critically, act innovatively, be open-minded, and embrace the challenge. This mentality originated from being an international student myself and learning how to succeed in a brand new environment. Facing these challenges has motivated me to support and advocate for international student groups for their welfare, rights, and presence at institutions. Throughout my career, I have contributed to recruiting and guiding international students, as well as liaising with internal/external resources to optimize institutions’ marketing and internationalization.

What is something interesting you have learned while working at Grok?

How dynamic the business models are! The customization provided for institutions to meet the change and trends in the study abroad market is significant for success.

What is one of the most satisfying outcomes you’ve helped a client to achieve?

I helped a lost student figure out their life plan and study abroad. We made a roadmap together a few years ago, and he followed the plan step by step, and recently told me he was admitted to his dream university!

Why is it important for institutions to have a presence in Asia?

Asia, no doubt, is the largest study abroad resource market, not just in numbers, but also in quality. Increasingly, Asian universities, schools, and institutions are welcoming institutional partnerships and overseas universities to set up a local presence. Foreign universities have more opportunities than ever universities to increase brand awareness, improve access to education, and increase student enrollment.

What is your favourite movie?

Mountains May Depart

What is your dream travel destination? Why?

Norway. Because of a book: The Almost Nearly Perfect People: The Truth About the Nordic Miracle.

What is your favourite food to eat with friends?

Sichuan dishes

What is something you’ve learned from somebody inspirational?

Elon Musk’s mother: Ms. Maye Musk, is “a star in her own right”

If you want something, commit to getting it. If you want to change something, become it.