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Webinar: A view from Asia (China)

Four keys to student recruitment success in China during and after COVID-19

Watch this conversation with The PIE to learn insights about China and the recruiting landscape amid COVID-19 uncertainty. Panellists, Michelle Liu (Grok Global), Brett Berquist (University of Auckland), Barbara Sun (University of Essex), Hyman Xu (Queen’s University) share information about the China market and the trends they’re seeing.

Watch the recording of the webinar which was held on the 9th July 2020.

There was a lot of information shared about the China market and the trends we’re seeing. As you digest your takeaways from the session we’d love to know how your institution is adjusting your recruitment strategies in response to COVID-19? 

At Grok we’ve been adjusting to make sure we’re providing institutions with the supports they need to overcome challenges created by the pandemic – from dedicated local recruiters and digital marketing to strategic advisory, digital recruitment, and facilitated high school connections.

We hope you found this webinar valuable, and if you'd like to discuss more, leave your details below.