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Webinar: A view from Asia (Vietnam)

Four keys to student recruitment success in Vietnam during and after COVID-19

Watch this conversation with The PIE to learn insights about Vietnam and the recruiting landscape amid COVID-19 uncertainty. Panellists, Alex Green (Grok Global), Hung Truong (Newcastle University), Haike Manning (Lightpath Consulting Group), and Ha Nguyen (Ohio University) share information about the Vietnam market and the trends they’re seeing.

Watch the recording of the webinar which was held on 22nd May 2020.

If you’re curious what other institutions are doing or what’s happening on the ground in Vietnam, China, India, or across Southeast Asia, let us know. We won’t have all the answers but we’re always happy to get on a short call to share best practices and local insights from our offices across Asia. 

And if you have your strategy set, we’d love to hear from you too! We’re always interested in the perspectives of institutions outside our network and we can chat about the trends we’re seeing among our 50 clients and many contacts across Asia and globally. 

We hope you found this webinar valuable, and if you'd like to discuss more, leave your details below.