Jessica Zhang

Leadership Team

Jessica Zhang

Manager of Administration

“Grok provides opportunities for me to explore what traits are required in different positions, such as travelling as a program officer, or learning from an accounting expert. All these experiences have helped me to grow to be a fully qualified Grokker.”

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Jessica Zhang is Grok’s administration manager, based in Beijing. Jessica joined Grok in 2011 as an administrative assistant. She and her team provide excellent services to all Grok clients, in facilities, finance and invoicing fields; help clients to oversee and manage their marketing budget in different geographies. Grok administration team also set up travel and procurement services to support all foreign institutions. Before joining Grok, Jessica worked at the Embassy, and Grok brought her into the international education field. Over the past decade, she’s become passionate about the education industry and has built a range of connections and experiences.

Get to know Jessica…

When did you join Grok?

Describe yourself in three words.
Easygoing, detail-oriented, self-motivated.

What were you doing before working at Grok?
I was working at the Embassy of Nepal as a secretary to a Minister.

What was your first job in education?
Strictly speaking, Grok is my first job in education

What does international education mean for you?
Travelling overseas to study abroad has helped me to open my eyes. I have gained knowledge of other countries and cultures, met with different people abroad, and learned skills vital for working in cross-culture environments that rely on information from different sources around the world. On my personal side, it helped me learn to live independently and take care of myself.

What is something interesting you have learned while working at Grok?
Working in Grok I have attended lots of training during staff retreats. I have learned different skills, such as high levels of Excel, PowerPoint, email writing and sales training. Grok provides opportunities for me to explore what traits are required in different positions, such as travelling as a program officer, or learning from an accounting expert. All these experiences have helped me to grown properly to be a qualified Grokker.

What is one of the most satisfying outcomes you’ve helped a client to achieve?
One of my responsibilities is managing finances, including client expenses. I help clients track their China/India/SEA expenses, categorize these expenses and make sure all the expenses are spent properly. I provide exact numbers to our clients to help planning next year’s budget.

Why is it important for institutions to have a presence in Asia?
First of all, foreign institutions need to appeal to an ever‐increasing and diverse student base; successful branding and marketing have become increasingly important activities for institutions. To have a presence in market not only helps them to build the bridge between institutions and local agents and schools, but also can minimize the distance between institutions and students.

Second, communicating a good brand successfully to students requires strategic planning and effective tools, which are more effective if organized locally.

Thirdly, to have a China/ SE Asia presence will help universities and colleges collaborate with local institutions and governments when needed.

What is your favourite movie/book?
My favourite movie is Forrest Gump. It was the first foreign movie I saw. I like the dialogue in the movie. For example, “Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” and “Stupid is as stupid does.”

What is your dream travel destination? Why?
South/North Pole. I would like to explore the edge of the world, and feel the extreme temperature, in case the poles disappear because of global warming.

What is your favourite food to eat with friends?
I like Chinese dishes, especially Sichuan cuisine. Eating something hot can also warm up an enviroment with friends.

What is a something you’ve learned from somebody inspirational?
My favourite quote is: Without difficulty there is no progress.

What was your favourite subject at high school or university?
I like history. I read lots of stories books when I was young, always wanted to compare with the real history.