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We Grok our client institutions and the diverse cultures in which we operate.

The word Grok was coined by Robert Heinlein in his iconic science fiction book Stranger in a Strange Land. To Grok something means to understand it so thoroughly that you become part of it.

Grok puts your institution’s needs first to extend your reach into the world’s most important education markets.

As the only service provider of our kind, offering a unique array of services, we can work alongside your institution’s agents, pathway providers, and other partners, with no conflicts of interest.

Our services

Research & Advisory

Access industry-leading market intelligence; desk and field research; competitive analysis; roadmap development; partner identification and due diligence; and consulting.


Program Office

We work with you to hire and deploy qualified local staff to accomplish your recruitment and partnership plans. While your program office team will be fully dedicated to you, they will also be locally supervised and legally employed by Grok. Both you and your team will have access to Grok’s unique support framework of expertise and services.


Global Access

Using a combination of global technology platforms, relationships with education partners around the world, local marketing and best recruitment practices, Grok will help your institution build recruitment outcomes in niche student markets that are difficult to access or not economically feasible.


Global Marketing

Use Grok’s marketing services to determine your global messaging, build your global brand through campaigns and digital tactics, and engage key audiences around the world via social media.


Institutional Partnerships

Work with Grok’s executive team to develop the right kind of collaboration with the right partner. Grok helps its clients to develop appropriate and successful academic partnerships, recruitment linkages, research collaborations and branch campuses.


Global Hub and Operations

Institutions that want an independent branded presence can establish global gateway hubs, operated safely, cost-effectively and efficiently by Grok.


Why Choose Us?

“Lakehead has been working with Grok for over eight years and has grown our partnership to include representation across Asia. Grok sits in the middle giving Lakehead the support and guidance we need so we can directly manage our team’s activities. We like that approach and it has worked well for us.”

James Aldridge, Vice Provost, International at Lakehead University

Why Choose Us?

“Grok’s a great organisation to work with, intelligent, well-informed and on the ground. I’d highly recommend Grok.”

Vincenzo Raimo, was the Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement at the University of Reading

Why Choose Us?

“I created Grok to build a best-in-class company that helps universities around the world to do a better job of recruiting students and building partnerships.”

Kim Morrison, Founder and CEO

Why Choose Us?

Grok has undertaken significant research projects with governments around the world. Most recently, Grok has worked with Austrade to advise Australian Education Technology companies on the Chinese EdTech market.

Kim Morrison, CEO and Founder

Kim Morrison

Founder and CEO

I created Grok to build a best-in-class company that helps universities around the world to do a better job of recruiting students and building partnerships. As an entrepreneur, I am driven to build a company that not only deeply serves clients but that provides meaningful professional experiences for young people.

My proudest achievement is Grok’s many satisfied clients, and I’m equally proud that Grok is a great employer in markets where such are often in short supply. Everyone at Grok is dedicated to making the company better year after year, and while we’re devoted to our current clients, we are also excited to grow and to welcome new partners to the Grok family.