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In-Country Staffing

Strengthen your international engagement and improve student recruitment results. Engage and deploy representative staff with Grok.

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We call our In-Country Staffing service the “Program Office” service

Robust Framework

A robust framework for your
institution to deploy dedicated
local in-country staff
(“Program Officers”) in key markets around the world.

100% Dedicated Staff

Program Officers are 100% dedicated to your institution. You oversee their activities and strategic direction; we support you with best-in-class infrastructure, expertise, and resources.

Tailored To You

Your Grok managers tailor the service to your needs, while your POs are hosted in an environment that maximizes their productivity and helps you achieve your goals.​

Market Support Services Available

Schools Community Service

​Discover new recruitment opportunities

Benchmarking Service

​Measure performance Vs. your competitors​

Market Intel & Workshops

​Optimize your strategy and tactics

How Program Office staff support you

The remit of your Program Officers is determined by you and your goals.
Program Officers are typically deployed to accomplish one of these objectives in a market or region.

  • Student Recruitment

    Increase and enhance recruitment activities to generate applications and facilitate conversion / yield via direct recruitment and managing recruitment channels including agents, high schools, institutions.

  • Admissions Support

    Increase the effectiveness and reduce burden on campus-based admissions staff by screening applications, identifying errors and missing documents, liaising with applicants to ensure submitted applications are complete.

  • TNE / Academic Partnerships

    Increase and enhance TNE activities to expand the number and productivity of partnerships via managing partner relationships, identifying and developing new partners, engaging with students.

  • Advancement / Alumni

    Strengthen your bond with your international alumni and support institutional advancement and recruitment goals by arranging events, engaging with alumni, maintaining databases and communications.

  • Gov’t / Corporate Relations

    Increase and strengthen relationships with foreign employers and education ministries to secure grant or scholarship opportunities and employment opportunities for intl alumni via identifying, nurturing, managing key relationships.

Why Choose the Program Office Service with Grok?

Almost two decades we’ve helped nearly 160 institutions from across the world execute their on-the-ground presence in key education markets.​

​From understanding your needs to helping you respond to changing market dynamics, our approach offers you the highest likelihood of a successful outcome.

Specialized For IE

We understand you and your institution; international education is our exclusive specialization.​


Our service is tailored to the needs of your institution, whether that requires us to be hands-on or hands-off.​


We earn your trust through transparency – in our communications, our pricing, and our business practices.​

Global Scale

Enjoy a unified administrative process and a consistent culture across our offices globally.​


Expand or scale down in any
geography quickly and easily if your strategy changes.​


A 19 year track record of delivering high quality service and significant ROI for clients.​

How much does it cost?

We operate the Program Office on a cost-plus business model.

To determine pricing, we’ll have a conversation with you to define the type of Program Officer you need and their anticipated salary, and the level of service that best matches your context and goals. From there we’ll share a spreadsheet with you that displays a breakdown of our costs to provide the service, plus our profit margin.​

Staying true to our philosophy of empowering our clients, providing a service with the best likelihood of success, being a neutral player in the IE ecosystem, and avoiding conflicts of interest, our cost-plus monthly fee is the only charge we levy on the service. We do not subsidize the cost of the service in order to generate other revenues (e.g. selling services to students, mining your data, etc.), nor do we accept per-student fees or commissions.

Expand and strengthen your institution’s global engagement

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