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Global Advisory​

Assess and optimize your regional strategy for student recruitment or international engagement using local expertise​

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Our Global Advisory Service

Specialist in International Education

A team of analysts and researchers specialized in international student recruitment and global engagement provide your institution with tailored analysis and strategic guidance in key markets around the world. ​

Bespoke Research

A Research Manager (RM) works closely with you to define the scope of the project, from narrow strategic assessment to full comprehensive roadmap, outline information required, and put a project map & timeline in place.​

Strategic Guidance

The Global Advisory team digs into your data, uses desk research and proprietary data collection including surveys, focus groups, and interviews, then analyzes all information and delivers findings and recommendations in interactive workshops.​

Levels of support available​

The remit of your Global Advisory service is determined by you and your goals.
The Advisory service is typically engaged to accomplish one or more of these objectives in a market or region:​

  • Overall student recruitment strategy​

    Our Advisory service configuration is always customized to accommodate your particular context. Whether your institution already possesses a strategy and you’re looking for an external review, or you need a completely new strategy, we’ll discuss your options and how we can adjust our service to meet your needs.​

  • Recruitment channel strategy & tactics​

    Dedicated market research will underpin the direction of your Access Director’s initial strategy and the tactical plan that follows will identify potential channel opportunities and necessary resources you'll need to be successful in your chosen market.

  • Academic partnership strategy & execution​

    Helping to identify and evaluate suitable partners, and to support your partnership negotiations. You'll remain in control whilst Grok supports with anything from student exchanges, articulation agreements, joint degree programs, right through to large scale projects such as overseas branch campuses.

  • Advancement or alumni engagement strategy ​

    Using Grok's local expertise in your chosen market we can support you to expand your alumni network, foster a stronger community, and enhance the influence and impact of your university.

  • Corporate or government relations strategy ​

    Establish and maintain productive relationships with government bodies and key industry figures that play a crucial role in your global engagement stratgy

What Makes Grok's Global Advisory Service Stand Out?

Over the past 19 years we’ve helped more than 150 institutions from across the world craft and optimize their student recruitment and international engagement strategies in key education markets. ​

From understanding your needs to helping you respond to changing market dynamics, our approach offers you the highest likelihood of a successful outcome.​

Specialized for IE

We understand you and your institution; international education is our exclusive specialization.​


Our service is tailored to the needs of your institution, with every project being bespoke.​


We earn your trust through transparency – in our communications, our pricing, and our business practices.​

Global Scale

Benefit from efficiencies and knowledge exchange when you work with us in more than one geography.​


Expand or scale down the scope of a project if your strategy changes.​


An 18-year track record of delivering high quality service and significant ROI for clients.​

Expand and strengthen your institution’s global engagement

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