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Global Access​

Diversify your international student recruitment results by developing secondary markets using an innovative, experiential approach​

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Global Access Service

Global Access offers a flexible and scalable solution, allowing you to test new markets before committing significant resources; build brand awareness and establish a global presence; and refine your international recruitment strategy for maximum impact.

Time-bound program

A time-bound program for your institution to strengthen its student recruitment in a diversification market where you may be unready to deploy a full-time dedicated in-country staff.​

Senior Access Director

An on-the-ground senior recruitment specialist, or Access Director (AD), is assigned to your institution and acts as your in-country director on a part-time basis: crafting strategy, executing activities, building traction, and sharing market insights.​

In-Country Staff

Over 12-24 months, your Access Director grows your recruitment foundations and market knowledge, working closely with you and helping you assess your future potential in the region. Go-forward recommendations at wind down may suggest manage the market from campus or explore a dedicated in-country staff.​

Market entry support available​

The remit of your Global Access service is determined jointly by you, your Access Director, and the Head of Global Access.

Grok takes an active role in defining the scope of a Global Access engagement (more than in our other services) because Global Access is designed for institutions that lack experience in a particular market and are looking to Grok for that expertise.

The Global Access service is engaged to accomplish these objectives in a region:​

  • Overall student recruitment strategy​

    Our Global Access service configuration is customized to accommodate your particular context. Whether your institution has limited experience in a region, or none at all, or you have experience in one country within the region but not in the others, we’ll discuss your options and how we can adjust our service to meet your needs.​

  • Recruitment channel strategy & tactics​

    With over 10* years of experience your institution will benefit from the strategic guidance and advice of our Access Directors when entering a new market.

  • Branding and messaging strategy​

    Collaborate with your Access Director to review your target markets and identify your key selling features and review existing marketing collateral that will resonate with your audience.

  • Market assessment and resource strategy​

    Dedicated market research will underpin the direction of your Access Director’s initial strategy and the tactical plan that follows will identify potential channel opportunities and necessary resources you'll need to be successful in your chosen market.

Global Access: Your Comprehensive Market Entry Service

Global Access is a new, innovative approach to building student recruitment traction in diversification markets. It offers your institution the opportunity to be economical and experiential in developing a new market; it’s like test-driving a car before buying it.​

Your institution will benefit from extensive experience: each Access Director has 10+ years of experience in international student recruitment, while Grok brings with us over 15 years of experience with in-country staffing and student recruitment advisory in IE.​

Work with us to test any market, reduce the risks and see strong initial results in new regions.


Be on the ground, experience the market, and see real recruitment results at the same time as you’re learning from an expert.​


Expend a fraction of the cost of deploying your own dedicated in-country staff while you determine if and when you will need one.​


We earn your trust through transparency – in our communications, our pricing, and our business practices.​

Global Scale

Benefit from efficiencies and knowledge exchange when you work with us in more than one geography.​


Update your countries of focus, shift strategy, or change tactics to be agile as you and your access director access and respond to insights.

Applied Experience

Benefit from your Access Director’s experience in student recruitment and Grok’s experience in delivering significant ROI for clients.​

Expand and strengthen your institution’s global engagement

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