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Two Decades of Word-of-Mouth Growth

Specialized, niche professional services that empower institutions to succeed have been in our DNA since Day 1

Grok empowers education institutions to achieve international student recruitment and global engagement goals

The word grok was coined by author Robert Heinlein in his classic science fiction novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. To grok something means to understand it so thoroughly that you become part of it.

Grok Global Services was founded by entrepreneur (and Heinlein fan) Kim Morrison in 2005 with one mission: to help education institutions grok key markets overseas, facilitating their international growth and success along the way.

Nearly 20 years and 150 clients later, we’re still dedicated to Kim’s original mission, providing best-in-class supports for institutions looking to deepen their engagements overseas.

We carry out that mission with pride while staying true to the fundamental values that make Grok, Grok: transparency and openness, flexibility and helpfulness, being a good employer and treating staff well, and always doing what’s right by our clients.

Expand and strengthen your institution’s global engagement

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