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About Grok

We Grok our client institutions and the diverse cultures in which we operate.

The word Grok was coined by Robert Heinlein in his iconic science fiction book Stranger in a Strange Land. To Grok something means to understand it so thoroughly that you become part of it.


Grok Global was founded by Kim Morrison in 2005 as a market research firm for educational institutions to understand the China market and develop engagement strategies. We later expanded our services to enable clients to execute on those strategies, and pioneered the “Program Office” model in which Grok staff in each market are assigned to particular institutions on an exclusive, full time basis to help manage marketing, recruitment, and institutional partnerships, with local guidance and oversight. This model proved so successful, that we expanded our geographic coverage to include India, and Southeast Asia. Grok has served over 150 institutions and employs over 100 staff worldwide.

Our long experience translates into understanding best practices, market knowledge, and the ability to help institutions connect with local recruitment and academic partners. Providing a full suite of education services, we help universities with in-country staffing, marketing, and strategy, in a way that lets the institution stay in control of its activities.


Maintaining trust and neutrality

We have always believed that in order to stay free of conflicts of interest, and to maintain the trust of our client institutions and their in-market partners, Grok must remain neutral in the marketplace.

Grok is not an education agent, and we take no fees from students, or from institutions within our delivery markets. We are paid only by our clients to represent their interests, and the resources we would assign to you would become a trusted member of your team.

Local oversight and support

Each of our offices has a full-time executive who provides local oversight and support, helping ensure a productive work environment for all staff, and help local resources to understand institutions’ larger sensitivities and balance those drivers against recruitment targets.

Grok’s familiarity with the local markets and local actors, and our close relationship with the university’s in-country team, ensures that staff feel supported, that their problems are solved quickly, and that they receive the mentorship and guidance that increases their odds at success.

Doing what’s right

We firmly believe that success is built over the long term and to thrive in the long term, our clients, our staff, and Grok itself need to be not only driven to succeed, but to also be driven by what is good. Grok is an excellent employer, and in our relationships with our staff we model that ethical grounding.

We also know that how situations are evaluated from an ethical point of view can vary culturally. Our management team understands these cultural differences and can help local staff to adhere to western standards and expectations.


For Grok clients, success comes in many forms. For some, it is more revenue through increased student recruitment. For others, it is strengthening research partnerships or building brand recognition with employers. Most commonly, it is a mix of many goals and priorities delivered through a complex strategy and agenda of activities.

Over ten years we have helped universities, colleges, schools and government agencies grow in international markets and meet a range of challenging goals.