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2020 International ACAC Virtual Conference

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Are you an International ACAC member? International ACAC is offering their 2020 Annual Conference in a virtual setting over three days – July 14 to 16. Members will have an opportunity for knowledge sharing through 50+ program sessions, thoughtful conversations during Chatter That Matters, networking and connecting by joining social events and discussion groups, and attending the Annual Membership Meeting. This virtual event is open and free to all current members, and registration in advance is required.

Look out for the two sessions Grok are presenting:

3 Things You Don’t (But Should) Know About Your Competition: What Other Countries Are Doing To Attract Students Away from You and Each Other
Tuesday, July 14 – 8:30-9:30 AM EDT

Cross-border competition is rapidly becoming a major issue for recruitment professionals and enrollment managers. Many are ill-equipped to handle this new competitive reality. It can be challenging to fully grasp one’s own country’s pros and cons, in particular how they are viewed in the eyes of international students and families, let alone one country’s relative merits vs. another’s competing for the same student. It requires recruitment professionals to step outside of their paradigms and reimagine their country from the perspective of a foreign student. This session will be a strong contributor to the conference because it is a novel approach to the subject matter – it’s rare to compare major destination countries directly and at the same time – and because it will be a practical session that will enable individuals to be more effective professionals in international education and better serve the students they work with.

Recruitment at a Distance: Effective Contingency Plans in the Face of the Coronavirus Outbreak
Wednesday, July 15 – 6:30-7:30 PM EDT

This is an extremely timely discussion. The concern over diversifying recruitment efforts has long been one that institutions considered, but the general blocking of all travel in and around China has truly shaken many institutions. This presentation is a broader version of one we gave early in 2020 around how to maintain recruitment momentum when you are suddenly unable to recruit face to face. We will include members of various parts of the industry to bring a well-rounded view of contingency plans to the university and organizational side.

Check out the rest of the schedule, and register for the virtual conference here. (Note- you must be a member to register for the conference- but the entire conference is free for members.)


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