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Global Hub

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The Global Hub service provides institutions with a transparent and compliant framework to have in-country staff operating autonomously in an independent location.

Global Hub Staff

Your in-country staff will be:
– employed in full compliance with local employment and tax regulations.
– 100% dedicated to you and will operate autonomously, led by your local director.
– receive administrative support and optional infrastructure from Grok while you oversee strategy, operations, employment policy, and compliance.

Global Hub Office

We can secure an office for your staff:
– in full compliance with local laws and tax regulations -100% assigned to you and your team.
– we provide administrative support while you oversee location, design and layout, and lease terms.


Staff Administration

  • Local legal compliance
  • Employment contracts
  • Payroll and benefits
  • Banking and accounting


  • Identifying office space
  • Lease negotiation and signing
  • Vendor management
  • Renovation management

Operations (Optional)

  • Expense management
  • Travel and procurement coordination
  • Digital dashboard
  • Hiring and HR support
  • Staff training and development

Working with Grok

Using the Grok framework, an institution can deploy teams across Asia, all under one contract with Grok’s US corporation.

Resources can be added anytime with a simple one page service agreement. All expenses are coordinated to one quarterly invoice and staff can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

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