Global Access

Global Access

Global Access takes the guesswork out of finding and entering new markets.

Whether entering international markets for the first time, or working to diversify a longstanding recruitment plan, Grok’s Access service will help you to identify niche markets that fit your institution’s offerings and requirements. We will expand your brand’s reach, and provide new markets the necessary level of service to successfully grow and diversify your student recruitment efforts in long-tail markets.

Finding alternative sources of students outside of the largest student markets not only enhances campus climate and overall student experience, it mitigates the risk your institution runs should one of those primary markets suddenly falter.

Identifying new markets typically involves heavy investment in time and research, exploratory travel costs which often span the course of several years, and significant risks on return. Nurturing new markets also requires significant care and hands-on attention.

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With Grok Access your institution will see enquiries from new markets. Timely and thoughtful responses will be essential for fostering growth, and your new Global Recruiter can handle incoming enquiries and monitor them for trends and commonalities that may be useful when designing future communications.

What is long-tail marketing? 

Graphs of long-tail markets

In international education, long-tail markets typically refer to countries or regions which send only modest numbers of international students to study at international universities. These geographical markets are difficult to reach via traditional recruitment means. However, long-tail market techniques could also apply to accessing students who want to study comparatively unpopular subjects or students who can afford to pay very high tuition fees.

In rolling out this service, Grok has assembled an extensive network of relationships, market-specific marketing plans and tactical approaches, a management framework, and recruitment platforms, including Concourse Global EnrollmentThe Global Access service will offer institutions access to senior, skilled Global Recruiters, who – leveraging the Global Access resources – will be optimally positioned to help institutions to reach the right students in the right markets.

How it works

1. We work with you to identify the markets that matter for your institution, drawing on your institution’s goals and information, as well as Grok’s market expertise and access to unique analytical access icon
2. We create targeted university communications for those markets and reach students through Grok’s technology platforms and special in-market relationships.
3. As students respond to those targeted communications, we provide hands-on responsive inquiry management.
4. We bolster conversion through each stage in the funnel through direct engagement with students and tailored, micro marketing campaigns.
5. We create additional lift by working with you to creatively engage through unique, strategic activities.

Service Inquiry

Grok offers a unique array of services that extends the reach of a university into the world’s most important education markets. To learn more about our services, fill in the form below and we will be in touch with further details.