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Research and Advisory

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Grok’s Research and Advisory team has provided a range of market intelligence services for clients and formed the backbone of the company ever since our founding in 2005. The team has produced over 100 education market roadmaps and strategic reports for schools, institutions and governmental bodies ranging from top US and UK universities to the Canadian Embassy, Australian Embassy, Austrade etc.

The Research team also supports clients with market potential assessment, program viability assessments, competitive evaluation, local credential investigation, partner due diligence, market briefings, and consultations.

How we have helped organizations

For over 15 years we have taken on a range of projects and challenges including:

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  • Completing two projects for Austrade in the online education sector in China
  • Assisting a major Canadian research university in identifying governmental research funding sources across Asia
  • Assisting a mid-sized US institution in assessing and determining its market penetration strategy for China and SEA
  • Helping a well ranked UK institution to understand the Vietnam market for international student recruitment
  • Providing the Canadian High Commission in Malaysia with a market brief
  • Assisting a well known Australian private school in establishing channels for recruitment in China
  • Completing a market viability assessment for a Canadian private education group planning to invest in the international school sector targeting Chinese students

To develop a thorough understanding of your situation and create a suitably informed roadmap, Grok will undertake a combination of extensive desk and field research. We will work with you to identify your areas of strength and, for those areas where further development is indicated, we will discuss best practices and recommendations with you.  Based on the deep analysis and discussion, we will assist you to set your strategy in the local market, with short and mid-term action plans.

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