Grok’s Leadership Team

Grok is driven by customer service. Whether a university is reaching new audiences through our social media team, gathering data with our research team or deploying staff in-market through our program office service, a Grok executive is supervising the work for that client to ensure we are doing a good job.

As well as providing guidance and supervision to staff, they are active in adding value to our clients’ engagements by contributing ideas and feedback when required. They can save you time and money by helping you avoid the obstacles and challenges that come with working in another country.

“Grok is a labor of love for me. I love the idea of building something good: I’m not hungering to build a billion-dollar unicorn, but rather a company that is profitable, that serves customers well, that gives staff the chance to learn and grow.”

“Education is a multi-billion dollar industry that no one really knows about. Outside of the world of finance or the global oil trade, no other industry really moves people and currency across borders in quite the same way. At the same time, outside of the industry bubble, we don’t get as much as attention as we deserve.”

“I associate “international education” with all the experiences I had as an exchange student studying in Hong Kong when I was an undergrad. It’s one of the greatest opportunities to open someone’s mind, change the way they see the world, and how they interact with it.”

“As a professional practitioner in the field of international education, it’s important to convey accurate information about foreign institutions to Chinese students and parents to help them make the right decision about their futures.”

“Education is an eternal theme for human beings, and international education opens more possibilities for students around the globe, with rich education resources, and different student experiences.”

“Grok provides opportunities for me to explore what traits are required in different positions, such as travelling as a program officer, or learning from an accounting expert. All these experiences have helped me to grow to be a fully qualified Grokker.”

“To me, international education has a multi-layer meaning. On one level, I experienced international education from studying and living abroad for 13 years. This was an opportunity to gain academic knowledge, experience different cultures, and broaden my horizon. International education is also a transformative experience and can change one’s future.”