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Jerry Czub

AVP, Client Success & Global Advisory
Jerry has over 20 years of international enrollment management experience, including a successful track record establishing comprehensive international strategies that meet enrollment and institutional diversity objectives. He began his career at the Australian National University (ANU), where he helped the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science reach enrollment records from a number of countries. He then moved back to the U.S. where he played a pivotal role in Navitas’ entry and early success into the American market. Returning to the institutional side of IE, Jerry spent the following 8 years in senior leadership roles at Johnson & Wales University and Clark University, where he led both institutions to record international enrollments, while also establishing diverse and sustainable international enrollment pipelines for long-term diversity and success. 

When did you join Grok? March 2023

Describe yourself in three words. Driven. Inquisitive. Passionate.

What were you doing before working at Grok? I spent the last 20 years working at institutions in both Australia (Australian National University) and the USA (Johnson & Wales University), as well as companies like Navitas and upGrad Abroad assisting USA institutions in growing their international enrollment.

What was your first job in education? An admissions officer at the Australia National University.

What does international education mean for you? Opening opportunities to students globally to achieve their educational and future professional goals. We may not save lives, but I like to think we help international students achieve their goals, which at times could be exactly that. (I know this wording is not exactly right but I hope you get where I am going with this!)

What is something interesting you have learned while working at Grok? How difficult it is to meet local hiring regulations globally and the risks of not being compliant.

What is one of the most satisfying outcomes you’ve helped a client to achieve? It is always satisfying when I, or my team, directly impacts our clients ability to achieve their international enrollment goals. This is not just satisfying because the client has reached their goal, but also because I know their students will be happy with their decision.

What is your favorite book? Open, the Andre Agassi biography. I realize this is possibly a unique choice but I grew up in awe of Agassi on the court and to learn about what it took to get where he was and it still did not bring happiness provides an important message to me personally. We only live once, do what makes us happy.

What is your dream travel destination? Why? This is difficult given I have traveled to over 35 different countries around the world and have had the opportunity to explore many of my dream travel destinations. However, one of those I did recently was Siam Riep during my honeymoon and it lived up to my expectations. Outside of those destinations I have been to I would have to say Ireland, mainly because my wife’s family is from Ireland and it would be such an experience to travel around the country visiting small towns and pubs, as well as meeting her long distance relatives.

What is your favorite food to eat with friends? Mexican, in general it is my favorite food, but with friends it provides so many options to share like tacos, nachos, quesadillas and a burrito to finish it all off.

What is a something you’ve learned from somebody inspirational? Very cliche coming from a New Englander in the USA, but if you are determined, work hard, and continue to drive or push yourself you can achieve anything. Tom Brady is a symbol of what can be done with those qualities.

What was your favorite subject at high school or university? I will never forget all my math subjects at all levels. At least to me, math is one subject that isn’t really subjective and makes ‘sense’, 1+1 will always equal 2 – there is no other way to look at it.

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