Grok Locations



With locations in three of the most important international education markets, Grok gives institutions expanded global capability, flexibility and agility.


Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

China is an infinitely demanding and complicated market. As the world's largest international education market, your institution needs every advantage possible to succeed. Grok has been operating in China since 2005 and brings a wealth of experience to your institutional engagement. Helping more than 140 institutions to better manage recruitment and build partnerships in China, we can help you identify solutions to roadblocks and capitalize on opportunities.


Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City

Grok has been operating in Southeast Asia since 2014. The office in Kuala Lumpur has allowed us to tap into Malaysia’s deep talent pool of international education professionals who are multiculturally fluent and able to be effective across the region. The office in Vietnam allows clients to directly manage their activities in one of Southeast Asia’s largest, and fastest-growing international student recruitment markets.


New Delhi and Chennai

South Asia is an important international recruitment market, and the potential in India continues to increase due to a fast-growing and aspirational middle class looking for opportunities overseas. Our clients rely heavily on offshore teams and localised expertise to ensure success, and since 2011, Grok has helped institutions to operate through a local service delivery partner. In 2020, Grok established a subsidiary in India to serve our clients with a unified and feature-rich framework for staff deployment.