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Institutional Partnerships

Recruitment, academic, research and consultative partnerships with peer institutions, governments and industry globally are an important element of an institution’s overall international strategy. These partnerships play a crucial role in reputation building, student recruitment, advanced research and revenue generation.

With over 10 years’ experience, Grok’s Institutional Partnerships team has developed in-depth knowledge about the partnership landscape, regulatory environment in key partnership target markets such as China, and best practices for establishing and maintaining productive partnership relations.

Clients typically work with Grok’s partnerships service to set strategy, identify and qualify prospective partners, and/or provide expert support to the institution through the partnership negotiation process. Clients may work with Grok through the entire process, or to provide assistance with any one stage.

Supporting the three stages of partnerships

We can assist you every step of the way, from preliminary introductions with suitable partner institutions, all the way to signing a contract with your new partner.

Stage 1:  Partnership Strategy Setting

Clarifying partnership objectives, partner criteria, and partnership models, informed by the chosen landscape

Stage 2: Identification and Qualification

Evaluate specific partnership opportunities or develop a partnership funnel

Stage 3:  Supported Partnership Negotiation

Working closely with your university in negotiating a partnership with a qualified prospect

Examples of how we have helped other organizations

  • Grok has helped a major US institution to assess a branch campus opportunity in China.  Following our assessment, the team has been contracted to manage the project and assist with partner negotiation.
  • Provided services to a leading UK institution to benchmark their partnership engagement in China, ranging from MOE approved projects to recruitment-oriented international programs.
  • Worked with the Australian government, in conjunction with CEAIE, to evaluate Australian participation in China’s trans-national education market.
  • Assisted a global top 100 institution in researching and establishing partnerships across China and Southeast Asia.

Success Story: University of Reading


“The development of Transnational Education partnerships is always challenging but especially so in China. The University of Reading now has a very successful Sino-UK joint institute in Nanjing – The NUIST-Reading Academy – but turning an individual academic association into an institute with more than 1000 students studying across a range of degree programmes takes a huge amount of work. Key to developing a successful partnership is homework. This is where Grok Global came in for the University of Reading. The Grok team based in Beijing undertook a key in-country competitor analysis helping to better ensure the University was well informed in developing its business plan and importantly also in its negotiations with NUIST and with provincial and national officials. Grok helped to develop the assignment and then delivered on-time and with all of the information requested. Grok’s a great organisation to work with, intelligent, well-informed and on the ground. I’d highly recommend Grok.”

Vincenzo Raimo, was the Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement at the University of Reading from 2014 to 2019 and led the development of The NUIST-Reading Academy.


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