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Global Marketing

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With in-depth knowledge across the international education industry, Grok’s Global Marketing service offers an essential complement to Grok’s recruitment and partnership resources, enabling you to build an integrated strategy that supports your institution’s activities and goals.

It used to be simple…

It used to be that good local recruiters and well supported recruitment partners were enough to achieve your recruitment results. But with rising competition and growing “consumer” sophistication and independence, universities now also need targeted brand building and localized social media to impact their global marketing.

Although a one-size-fits-all approach may appear to save on time and expense, it’s now impossible to identify a single buyer profile, especially when potential students can be reached anywhere in the world. A marketing mix that may work in a domestic market, is likely to fail in an international market if cultural values and expectations are not aligned appropriately.

A successful global marketing strategy includes the engagement of local expertise to plan, produce, place and promote. This way you can improve brand, recruitment, and even partnerships.

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Where do you start with Global Marketing?

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In today’s multi-channel, and interconnected world, you need to keep your students engaged from applicant to alumni, and engage audiences from all walks of life and all around the world.

The opportunities to do this may seem endless. You need to choose which marketing tools and techniques will get results. You will need the skills and knowledge to adjust the marketing strategy and adapt to the conditions of the regions you target. And how will you know what’s working?

You may discover that more time and resources dedicated to marketing is required, to achieve your institutions ambitions.

Supporting your Global Marketing Strategy

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In 2013 we introduced our digital marketing and social media service, designed to complement and integrate with our Program Office service, and this has evolved into providing Global Marketing expertise, offering institutions online and offline marketing strategy, services and support tailored to specific international markets.

We can help you engage localized marketing techniques to project an authentic voice regionally, and engage students digitally.

With our knowledge and capabilities in the international student recruitment market, we can manage and organize your marketing processes to maximize output.

Acquiring regular intelligence and data, we can coordinate your marketing and recruitment efforts efficiently, and tailor advice towards your aims.

Determining Strategy & Mix

Global issues emerge that impact the marketplace for global study. New technologies enable new ways to reach young people. The digital behavior of youth within each region can evolve rapidly. To support you in this changing environment, we undertake regular research to inform all our campaigns to create successful marketing strategies.

Improving Recruitment Results

Students and their families are no longer relying on just posters, flyers or brochures to help them make their decisions. Instead, they will actively search online, read stories, follow, and even share social media activity, so you need to capitalize on this channel for conversion. By using carefully chosen marketing tools and techniques tailored to your needs, we can support the student decision-making process from discovery through to application.

Increasing Brand & Reputation

Universities must market to ensure that families recognize the university’s name and have some idea of the school’s unique selling features. Beyond that, the institution must groom what the family discovers about them when they research online, and find a way to engage the community of students and families during the decision making process. With the ability to speak to and target local audiences using the most appropriate channels, we can help institutions establish, grow or repair their brand.


Measuring Success

It can be difficult to demonstrate the return on investment of your marketing efforts, and secure additional budgets. With the use of Grok’s Global Marketing resources and platforms, we can help you make data driven decisions by providing metrics you want to see. We regularly send updates that show the results of your campaigns and how they tie into your overall goals, and we present this in an easy to understand report that can be shared with stakeholders.


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