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Grok Global Launches Global Access Service

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Grok Global Services, a global higher education service company, launches Global Access, a new line of service for institutions seeking to diversify their recruitment efforts.

Grok Global Services has launched a new service line to help educational institutions recruit from small and medium-sized markets around the world. Complimenting Grok’s existing portfolio of in-country services focused on China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India, the new Global Access Service enables institutions to extend their recruitment reach to all countries globally, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and all nations in between.

“Grok Global Access will allow universities to recruit students where in-market staff or on-the-ground recruitment efforts are not economical or feasible,” explains Grok CEO Kim Morrison. “It is an essential service for any institution that is sincerely prioritizing access and wants to diversify its global student population.”

In rolling out this service, Grok has assembled an extensive network of relationships, market-specific marketing plans and tactical approaches, a management framework, and recruitment platforms, including Concourse Global Enrollment.

The Grok Global Access Service will offer institutions access to senior, skilled Global Recruiters, who – leveraging the Grok Global Access resources – will be optimally positioned to help institutions reach the right students in the right markets.

The new service will be launched by industry professional Jamie Kanki, who brings her expertise and experience working at universities and education service providers to her new role as Head of the Grok Global Access Service.

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