High School Fairs

Grok High School Fairs

In 2019, Grok hosted our first ever high school fairs, with the aim to help our Program Office clients, and selected non-client institutions reach more high school students in key cities across Asia. We have continued with the bi-annual fairs in Spring and Fall seasons since then.

The first Grok high school fairs were organized in China in the Spring of 2019, and we expanded the fairs to Southeast Asia in November 2019. As larger cities become saturated with competition, and markets in 2nd-tier cities grow, the focus for Grok’s fairs are on regions and high schools that have been less visited and are more welcoming to meet institution representatives.

Grok collaborates with international high schools and local public schools with international programs, where students have strong aspirations to study abroad, and a range of curricula are offered by those high schools, which match well with Grok’s diverse university clients from various destination countries.

What do university participants like about the fairs?

Virtual Fairs

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grok innovated to move our Spring school fairs online, and successfully hosted two virtual fairs in China (March) and Southeast Asia (May), with over 40 participating universities from 9 countries. The fairs were successful and we have received great enthusiasm from both participant institutions and the host high schools about future Grok high school events, both online and offline.


Concourse Global is a software platform for students to access the best higher education opportunities and support universities, high school counselors, and students to stay connected after fairs.

Grok uses the Concourse Connect fair scanning solution at our offline fairs to track traffic and student engagement. Using the Concourse app, students simply scan QR codes to log their details and interest with their selected institutions in order to receive follow-ups. For virtual fairs, students can even get connected with universities before the virtual fair through Concourse.


To hear from us about the next high school fairs, please register below and we will inform you on the latest plan.