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Grok Schools Community

The Grok Schools Community has been designed to address how to successfully build long-term meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between universities and overseas high schools – while driving higher education enrolment.

Many institutions aspire to achieve greater engagement but fail to effectively build lasting relationships with schools and counsellors. Institutions with in-country representatives may also struggle to gain traction and access to schools. The Grok Schools Community takes on the mantle of your high school engagement across key markets in Asia, and carefully curates a program of engagement that rationalises your activity with schools for maximum effect, lasting influence and ultimately better recruitment results.


Will benefit from facilitated exposure to a network of high schools in Asia with student populations seeking overseas higher education. A virtuous circle of recruitment activity is created by delivering sustained targeted interactions over time with the same group of schools that are well-matched to your institution.

High Schools

Will benefit from being part of a collaborative community that supports students’ higher ed ambition and delivers needed resources and content identified by the school counsellor community.

How does it work?

Grok Schools step one

The Grok Schools Relationship Manager supports a community of client institutions and school counsellors to identify and curate tailored student engagement that helps students and parents through their decision-making process.

Grok Schools step two

The Relationship Manager carefully selects target schools, communicates with counsellors, and co-ordinates a series of interactions for your institution over a predetermined time period.

Grok Schools step three

Your high school interactions take place. Feedback from students and counsellors is provided after each interaction. Future interactions re-target and build affinity with the same students over time.

Through Grok’s collaborative community of participating HE institutions and its school network, students’ needs at different times of years will be well-met. At the end of your consultation with your Relationship Manager, you will have a comprehensive timeline of what your target audiences are doing during the enrolment cycle, and what types of interactions you will be initiating.

During your activities, your Relationship Manager will give you expert guidance and advice based on the time of year, where your future students are in the enrolment cycle and the latest market intelligence. Recurrent but unique interactions with the same groups of schools over time will result in a strong and lasting impact on recruitment.

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