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Recruitment beckons move to active admissions

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Admissions teams at institutions across the world need to take more of a driving seat role in recruitment activities, delegates heard at The PIE’s webinar on international admissions.

Speakers agreed that the Covid-19 pandemic – while it will create access issues and potentially widen some access gaps – offers interesting opportunities.

Grok Global has recently launched Grok Schools the company’s executive director, Southeast Asia Alex Green noted, in a bid to “fundamentally change the engagement between universities and high school students around the world”.

“We know it’s an important recruitment channel. It’s key to undergraduate recruitment, but we see very few institutions effectively delivering the type of information that students really need,” he said.

“Whether it’s handing out brochures during lunch break or a generic sales pitch presentation at a school – these are really quite ineffective ways for universities to recruit and can be, frankly, quite boring and tedious for students.

“We want to end this mismatched recruitment activity.”

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