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Coronavirus Updates for Southeast Asia

Coronavirus Updates    

Recommended Institutional Response

  • Speak regularly with your in-country staff. You and they should be evaluating your scheduled activities – what is the likelihood that the event will be cancelled or have low attendance. What is the contingency plan if so? 
  • See our Recruitment at a Distance webinar and/or guide for additional thoughts, or speak to your Relationship Coordinator at Grok for advice.  
  • Grok clients have a range of benefits under Community Membership – now’s the time to cash them in. We’ll help you figure out how! One example could be using Concourse, sourcing students with specific credentials who may qualify for entry (or visas) despite not having standardized test scores.
  • We encourage you to show your recruitment partners that your institution is agile, flexible and willing to support them. 
  • Grok will continue talking to agencies and other recruitment partners, and will help to coordinate and relay information by posting the information in the comments section below.

We will continue to share updates below in the comments…


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