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Grok Global Virtual High School Fair – May 2020

Amid major lockdowns of several Asian countries and the huge disruption to international education across the globe caused by COVID-19, Grok continues our efforts to support students and universities to connect in cyberspace. Following the success of our first virtual fair in China a few weeks ago, Grok’s second virtual fair will be held on May 9 & 10, 2020, open to students and parents from broader regions in Asia, including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand etc.

What is the structure of the virtual fair?

We will continue to use Zoom webinar for the fair, and the virtual fair consists of three major sessions:

  1. Ignite Session – 5 minutes presentation with key highlights of the university
  2. Q&A Session – 15 minutes Q&A for each group of universities after their ignite presentations
  3. One-on-One Session – Pre-booked meetings with students

*Depending on students’ interests, themed presentations might be arranged in parallel to the fairs.

What will participating universities achieve from the virtual fairs?

Concourse logo for virtual fair software

Grok virtual fairs are jointly presented by Grok and our partner company Concourse Global that provides a leading college counseling software platform for high school counselors, students and families to explore university options, including the Concourse Connect solution to connect universities directly with interested students.  

Joining the Grok virtual fair, universities will be able to:

  • Speak to a diverse group of students and parents from all over Asia 
  • Get fair traffic and student engagement data throughout the fair
  • Get a list of students who expressed their interest to know more about your institution
  • Pre-connect with students who want to have a one-on-one meeting with your institution
  • View students’ Concourse profile including their grades, test scores, destination preferences etc. 
  • Stay connected with students on Concourse after the fair
  • Promote your upcoming events to all the prospective students

What should participating universities prepare for the virtual fairs?

Before our virtual fairs, participating institutions should:

  • Register a free university account on Concourse, please go to
  • Complete your university profile on Concourse for students to know more about your institution 
  • Practice your 5 minute presentation to show the best and unique aspects of your university!
  • Work with Grok to coordinate your availability for one-on-one meetings with students and parents

What is the cost to participate in the fairs?

As part of Grok’s Community Membership Benefits, the fairs will remain free to our client institutions. Limited seats will be available to non-client institutions on a cost-sharing basis. 

Contact Irene Wang ( if you have any questions! Registration deadline: April 20, 2020.

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