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going global 2021 - international digital marketing

International digital marketing: reach your target audiences

If you missed the British Council Going Global 2021 virtual event this year, you can now read the session highlights or watch the replay on International digital marketing: reach your target audiences. Explore how the degree of localisation that your international marketing strategy takes, will have a direct impact on student recruitment.

Session Summary

With the majority of fly-in fly-out recruitment on hold, institutions have pivoted budgets to digital and faced challenges in getting their marketing efforts to achieve the desired results. Reaching audiences online has become easier – but reaching the right audience has become harder. More than ever, the number of enrolments achieved has a closer correlation with your digital marketing strategy.

What are you doing to cut through to your target audience? Can you articulate your unique offering in a way that makes sense in the local context? Are you able to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors? How do you build an authentic, credible voice? And how do you convert an initial interest in your institution into an inquiry, an application and, ultimately, an enrolment?

This session will explore how international teams should adapt their marketing strategies to engage today’s students, and practical examples to consider.


Chair/Gemma Goodbourn, Head of Global Marketing, Grok Global Services
Linda O’Neill, International Marketing Manager, University of Dundee
Ray Priest, Director of International APAC, UWE Bristol
Vasso Koutsos, Digital Transformation Accelerator, International Office, University of Auckland
Julie Hsu, Southeast Asia Marketing Manager, Grok Global Services

If you would like to localize your international digital marketing strategy, please contact us.

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