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Opening WeChat on a mobile

Which WeChat account should universities use for marketing success?

With over 950 million active social media users, (more than the USA & Europe combined), competition in China is fierce. But it has now become the norm for western institutions to be active online to support their recruitment efforts. Students and their families are no longer relying on just posters, flyers or brochures to help them make their decisions. Instead, they will actively search online, read stories, follow, and even share social media activity, so it’s integral to capitalize on this channel for conversion.

WeChat has become an essential part of institutions building brand, increasing leads, and successfully recruiting students from China. But do you have the right WeChat account? Many institutions may not be aware that there are different types of WeChat accounts and do not understand why they have to identify the “right” one. By setting up the right account for your institution, you will be able to develop your brand and reach effectively in China.  

For over seven years, Grok has helped institutions navigate marketing in China, and have seen many WeChat regulation changes along the way. As such, we are able to provide up-to-date advice and inform our clients on the best practice to meet their overall objectives both marketing and recruiting in China.

As such, when it comes to using WeChat, we highly recommend Universities use an institution WeChat account as a best practice. Not only does this provide full control and flexibility for the university, but will allow your institution to optimise WeChat’s full features, to reach your target audiences, generate leads through post visibility, and increase followers to lead to marketing success and meet recruitment goals.

We created this infographic (WeChat Public Accounts: What is the difference between subscription and service accounts?) to help institutions identify what WeChat account they currently have, and what WeChat account they should use to optimise marketing and recruitment results. We hope you find this helpful, but if you want to keep updated with more posts on how to create your WeChat account, or how to operate a WeChat account effectively, sign up for our newsletter or get in touch.

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